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The urban centers of Northeastern Pennsylvania formed rapidly beginning in the mid-late 1800's with the rise in anthracite coal production and the railroad system transporting goods and people.  Multi-story downtown offices and businesses appeared, and large manufacturing complexes were built employing thousands in Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Hazleton, Pottsville, and their outskirts. With the mid-20th century decline in the coal industry and manufacturing, many of these properties became vacant or neglected.

Today, these historic structures are being revived---from stately downtown businesses restored for multiple uses, to former factories with potential for loft living and commerce---and they all have stories to tell. Northeastern Pennsylvania's main streets are currently experiencing a renaissance and a subsequent interest in developing historic pre-World War II properties. For commercial property owners, building histories add to a marketing package for potential tenants who may be attracted to living in or establishing a business in an urban property with a documented and often colorful history.

Perhaps your commercial building renovation will include a lobby display of historic photos and documents, or you'd like to include the building or industry's notable events in area history in your business brochures.

Industrial and commercial property and corporate research is conducted according to the client's specifications and can be simple or complex, including narratives, historic documents, photos, published article citations, corporate records, biographies of individuals, oral history interviews, and more.

To discuss available research packages tailored to your specific needs, please email me for a consultation.

Anthracite Genealogy Services

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